Student info

Security contacts

Emergency Services: 999 or 112.

DCU security: (01) 700 5999

Santry Garda Station: (01) 666 4000 – closest to DCU.

Ballymun Garda Station: (01) 666 4400

Whitehall Garda Station: (01) 666 4500

Personal security at night

Safety in numbers: Avoid walking on your own. Try to walk with at least one other person.

Before you leave contact someone you trust explaining where you are walking to and when you are expected to arrive.

Avoid dark areas: stick to well-lit and busy routes.

Hide items of value. Do not display obvious valuables such as iPods, cash, jewelery etc.

Campus security provide 24/7 security on campus. Ring them if you need any assistance or if you have any questions.

Gardaí patrol the area by foot, on bicycles and in cars 24/7 – contact them with any questions you may have.

Report it. If you are assaulted, attacked or if any incidents happen while you are walking home, report it to the local Garda Station at once.