Best of the Rest

Good Afterchoon 07/12/2011


On the show, we have Tony Deehan’s Gig Guide, Hugh’s Views and Website of the Week. It’s Worst Word Wednesday and Jack has glitter in his eye (not a euphemism) while he pretends not to have a hangover after turning up in the studio wearing a suit. A mix of weird and wonderful chat with some serious CHOONS!!!

Jack Power- Lead presenter, Researcher
Tony Deehan- Presenter, Gig Guide, Producer
Hugh O’Farrell Walsh- Presenter, Hugh’s Views
Mary McDonnell- Presenter, Researcher

Good Afterchoon – 30/11/2011


On the show, we had the Battle Of The Bands 2011 winners, The Notas to talk about their upcoming gigs, LP and play two songs for us live in the studio. It was also Worst Food Wednesday and you can hear us gagging while Hugh drinks a jar of olive brine and the Notas enjoying our nasty picnic. We also had Hugh’s Views and Website of the week.

Mary McDonnell- Presenter and Researcher, Organiser of live music
Jack Power- Researcher and Presenter, Producer of Hotkeys
Hugh O’Farrell Walsh- Head Presenter and Researcher and editor of Hugh’s Views
Tony Deehan- Podcast Producer, Presenter, Editor of Gig Guide

Brunchbox interviews Alan Shortt and Derek Collins


Comedian and political impressionist Alan Shortt joined the long list of names to come into the DCUfm studio on Tuesday 18th October to promote Kelloggs, give DCUfm a sneak preview into Newswires interview with Bertie Ahern and introduces us to Michael Noonan, Leo Varadkar, Simon Coveney, Barack Obama and then let’s us talk to Michael D. Higgins about his Presidential campaign.

Derek Collins then joined us on the phone to discuss his role in a show that has taken the West End by storm. Derek stars in Jerry Springer: The Opera (in the Grand Canal Theatre) which ran in the West End for over 600 shows and he tells us about the show, it’s controversies and let’s us in on a little discount for the groups who can’t afford to miss this show.

Presented and produced by Breffni Banks, Ian Carey, Andy Lowth and James Sweeney.

With thanks to Alan Shortt and Derek Collins for joining us in this interview and to Seamus Conwell for allowing the interviews to take place.

Alan Shortt –

Jerry Springer: The Opera at the Grand Canal Theatre (Show and ticket info) –