Documentary: The Cancer Man


Stanislaw Burzynski claims to have cured cancer, but hasn’t published verifiable results of his tests in 30 years. He charges patients vast quantities of money to take part in these tests, and claims that many are fully cured.

The Cancer Man, a documentary by Cian Mac Mahon and produced by Ciaran O’Connor, looks into Burzynski, talks to experts on the subject and those closely affected by terminal cancer.

The Cancer Man has been nominated for a Hybrid award and shortlisted for a SMedia.


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Labyrinth Debate – Referendum Vote for Yes/No


The issue of a Labyrinth on Campus has been going on for months now.

The Labyrinth Committee was a body comprised of Students and Staff that was set up to tease out the feasibility of DCU building our own.

A number of weeks ago, the Class Rep Council voted Yes to donate €10,000 to the funding of it’s construction. However, Sinn Fein DCU launched a petition to gather over 200 signatures to force a referendum on the issue. Eventually getting 231 votes, the question will now be put to Students to vote Yes or No as to whether €10,000 should be donated. More

Labyrinth debate Live Blog

This is a liveblog of the labyrinth debate being held on DCUfm. 

Sallyann Downes (pro) debates Sean Tyrrell, of SF DCU.

To view this liveblog, please click ‘More’.