Rag Rumble commentary stream

The event is now over. Thanks to everybody who helped us pull it off! We hope to have the audio available in the coming weeks. 

DCUfm will be providing special live ringside commentary for the DCU RAG Rumble later today (Tuesday the 11th of December). The stream will be available from 8pm.

Commentary, stats and general ringside banter will be provided by Gavin Cawley and Barry Lennihan, of DCUfm’s Action Replay and Newswire.

Managing DCUfm – What I do and What I love!

The main bulk of my work with DCUfm revolves around the day to day management of the station. This involves dealing with any issues that a member of DCUfm has. I’ve showed people how to take their show recordings off the system countless times, instructed how to use Music Beds effectively, plugging shows online and much more. The other large part of my ongoing work in the station is Scheduling. Music has to be scheduled for every day, but thankfully, this does not mean sitting down every night to plot the next days music.

Our system, RCS, does a lot of this work for us. You can tell it what it should play, and it works through random selection from there on. I can tell it to play Rock Music at 2.30 in the morning, and it chooses the song based on a number of different factors. Each show has what’s called a clock, so if it’s primarily a chat show, you schedule less music and leave more time for talking. This has to be done for every show. However, this is boring to talk about. A lot of my work is boring, essential work. I love it.


Inside Management – Proposal Pitfalls

One of the most stressful times for managers of Student Radio Stations all over the world is the proposal process. I spoke a little bit about it in last week’s blog post, but here I’m going to go into much more detail.

The thing about student radio is that it is a constant battle between giving people enough freedom to have fun and learn, while still restricting them so that they don’t bore the pants off of the listener. Of course, there is no magic formula to this, but a solid show proposal is the first good indicator that a show won’t be too much trouble.