National Media Conference Liveblogs

We’ll be posting liveblogs of the two National Media Conference panels that DCUfm members are taking part in.

Why aren’t there more young people in National Radio? – Cian Mac Mahon, Deputy Station Manager – 15:00 – 15:45

Overcoming Limitations: What makes radio a unique medium? – Ciaran O’Connor, Station Manager – 15:45 – 16:30

Is Irish Radio failing it’s listeners – Russell James Alford (DCUfm Deputy Station Manager 2011/2012)

Charity broadcast success!

The morning eventually came around for the tired Ciaran and the hoarse Colin. As the clock struck 9am, the Grand Total raised by them in their 24 hour stint was €830.62, which is all going directly to Headstrong.

Colin and Ciaran want to publicly thank everyone who donated not just money, but time as well. The 24 hours passed by in no time thanks to continuous visits, interviews and many sing-a-longs! As they made for bed Thursday, DCUfm kicked into it’s Morning schedule and shows fed off the atmosphere (and distinct BO smell) that filled the Studio during the night.

DCUfm 24 Hour Charity Broadcast

As part of the DCU Students Union mental health awareness week we are doing two main events: a 24-hour Charity Broadcast on DCUfm( with Colin and Ciaran) and a 28-hour outdoor camping fast (with Neil Collins and Neil Mulhern) which makes up our 50 hour charity drive.

Headstrong is a very worthy cause and we would very much appreciate your support in helping us to raise funds for them, so donate around any of the buckets you can find in DCU, or online here!