Scheduling completed!


We have managed to fit EVERY SINGLE NEW PERSON who asked to be part of DCUfm (and who told us their availability) into our brand new schedule, and the emails informing people of their slots are going out now. Over the next 24 hours, around 130 of these emails will be going out.

We have also managed to fit every proposed show in, somewhere or another. Add these two groups to our HUGE news team and our SCARY LARGE sports team, and DCUfm will have more than 200 people making brilliant content this coming semester, broadcasting from 9am until midnight each weekday.

It has been a gargantuan task, and we thank everybody for being so patient with us as we’ve been working on it. Thanks to some tweaks we made to our scheduling system, we will be starting full broadcast much earlier then we have been able to in the past!

Let’s go make some great radio


Time To Register!

Online registration for DCUfm is now closed. If you want to get involved with the station, please email


Thanks for attending yesterdays meeting. We were delighted so many turned up!

As we said at the meeting today, we need everybody who is part of DCUfm to register to be on the station. For new people, this consists of doing two things: Filling out the DCUfm Registration Form, and signing on to YourVolunteers. For people who are returning to the station and running a proposed show, we only need you to fill out the registration form.

Make sure that when you are doing the YourVolunteers signup, you fill in your availability from Monday the 8th of October.

This all needs to be done as soon as possible, preferably by Friday at 6pm.

DCUfm Registration
YourVolunteers registration (click Register at the bottom)

It should also be noted that none of the news activities on DCUfm require you to be a Journalism student! We want students from every walk of life taking part, if they want.

Thanks for coming to our meeting tonight, it was the busiest in DCUfm history! We estimate about 180 of you showed up, and we can’t wait to get you all working in the studio! Feel free to email me ( or Ciaran ( any questions you may have.

Show Proposals for 2012/2013

Hi all!

Firstly, I hope that you all had a brilliant summer, filled with fun, frolicking and not too much work.

It is time to propose your show! Closing date for show proposals is 5th of October or whenever our slots are filled (most likely well before that), so get these in ASAP.

For more info, please click “More”.